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Well, Ray, not being a purist with respect to the creatures and plants th=at
inhabit the planet, and being possessed of a near insatiable curiosity re
hybridization, of plants to produce different flowers. One kind of  answe=r
for why one might want such a plant is:   "What would it look like"  Woul=d
it bloom at a better time?, would it be less vulnerable to insect pests?.

Incidentally, thanks for answerimg.  I, too, am intrested in native plant=s,
woodlands, and conservation, but I do not think that interest in one
precludes the other, on a moral, ethical basis, or otherwise.

When I first joined this list, I thought I wojld acquaint myself with the
literature available on it before I posted anything., or asked any
questions.  Because it really is informative, but I jumped the gun.
Clearly, I lied to myself, b ecause I really wanted to know in a hurry.
And, the computer's been down and off and on for days, so I thought I'd g=et
my licks in fast  because I didn't know when I'd be able to get to readin=g
the list.  I share the machine with my wife, and   she has priority becau=se
it's hers.

I also had to ask about the list because different lists have quite
different unspoken conventions for answering, or "talking" and I was tryi=ng
to find my way, being somewhat intrusive, outspoken, etc

Briefly what is the first glance criterion for distinguishing Arum from
Arisaema?      if there is one? .    (Criteria for use in the field?)  Or
does it take an expert

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> Most members of Arisaema-L are interested in woodland flowers, native
> habitats, and the like.
> So hybridization, particularly across genera, is of small interest.

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