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Amorphophallus X Arisaema???????? What is this word coming

One short party-pooper: it is well-known in the plant world, that alien
pollen sometimes excites ovaries (watchit ladies, this is getting
XXX-rated........) to develop "clonal" seeds, so they are then in fact ex=act
copies of the motherplant. My guess is this is what happened in that insa=ne
cross between Arisaema cordatum X Typhonium (what Typhonium??). I think t=he
Arisaema world would have better benefit from a pure cross of Arisaema
cordatum so we can share more plants of this species from outer space,
Petra! Have you tried that one too?


Lord Ariphonium........yukkkkk.

> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: Arisaema Enthusiast Group (AEG) Discussion List (and other hardy
> Aroids) [mailto:ARISAEMA-L at NIC.SURFNET.NL]Namens Petra Schmidt
> Verzonden: woensdag 6 maart 2002 14:12
> Onderwerp: Arisaema hybridization
> Hello Chris and Irisman,
> It is frustrating to put out a question or comment and not
> receive comments
> back...but, most of the time, what can we say?  So much is
> unknown, so many
> of us are just playing with hybridization, and sometimes,
> we're not even
> sure if what we have to comment about is worthwhile.  And
> then, of course,
> there's that old problem of time...or lack of it.
> That said, here's my observations on a season of playing with
> hybridizing
> Arisaemas...I emphasize the word playing.  I check the spadix for
> male/femaleness and then keep an eye on them for maturity; if
> I have enough
> females, enough pollen, and enough different species, then
> I'll play with
> crossing and see what happens.  Last season I used pollen from an
> Amorphophallus with Arisaema taiwanensis...the thing actually
> set fruit.
> The seed turned out not to be viable, but, hey, I'll try it again this
> season.  Yes, the flowers could've been already pollinated
> before I did my
> magic with the Amorph. pollen, I don't know, because I'm not
> working under
> laboratory conditions here but I do watch the females for
> their fertile
> stage and have fresh pollen ready.  I also used pollen from
> Pinellia for
> Arisaema heterophyllum and again, a nice fruit set, and again, poorly
> developed seeds.  I also tried pollen from Arisaema cordatum
> with Typhonium
> and this time, the seed was solid and now I've got a few
> seedlings; will see
> what they actually turn out to be.  I also tried pollen from
> A. saxatile
> with Typhonium divaricatum, and that failed.  The good thing
> about playing
> with hybridization is that the failures are seen fairly quickly; the
> successes are nice, but always questionable until I can repeat that
> pollination with success another year.
> I worked with aroid hybrization at MO for many years,
> focusing on Anthurium
> and Philodendron, under greenhouse conditions, so that's
> where I'll say I
> got my training.  I assign each pollination attempt a number
> and  I keep a
> pollination notebook and track pollination date, time of day, parents,
> pollen condition, female condition, failure date, fruit set
> date, harvest
> date, and then seed sown date, germination date, and
> transplant out date.
> Last season, I made 46 pollination attempts, not many
> compared to my days at
> MO, but this season I'll hopefully up that amount.
> If anyone else wants to share their hybridization attempts,
> we'd like to
> hear them.
> Petra
> Petra Schmidt
> Research/Special Projects Manager
> Juniper Level Botanic Garden @ Plant Delights Nursery
> 9241 Sauls Road
> Raleigh, NC 27603
> petra at
> 919-772-4794 phone
> 919-662-0370 fax

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