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Mon Jun 24 02:47:19 CEST 2002

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Subject: radial-leaved thread spathe ID please
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I have a plant flowering from 1996 Alpine Garden Club of British Columbia
seed, labelled as A. franchettii. I would appreciate help identifying it.

The flower is a pale red-violet and pale green. The colour is not solid,
but - - - - to form indistinct stripes.

The single leaf is radial
with 11 narrow leaflets with filiform ends.  Each leaflet is rimmed with =a
very fine purple edge.  The longest leaflet is 4.5 cm long, of which 1.5
cm is thread-like.

The height of the leaf and the top of the spathe are the same, 19 cm.  Th=e
spathe projects forward, but does not hide the narrow cylindrical green
spadix.  The spathe blade forms a 90 degree angle out at the top of the
narrow tube, and folds back a little bit.  A very long thread-like
spathe-appendix juts straight out (parallel with the ground) and then
curves down but does not reach the ground.  It is 13 cm long.

The plant does not match any picture on the Arisaema page, and I did not
have success using keys for China and Japan.

Diane Whitehead  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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