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Nancy has some questions for us that I can't answer. Please
give ger the bebefit of your expertise.


>From: Nancy H Greenwood <nlhg at>

>Dear Ray,

>I have two questions on arisaemas that have lost
>their labels.  Could you help?

>One is a taller one, about 30- inches or
>more, with stripes on the base of the stem, a pointed green spathe that
>almost sits on the spadix, above the leaf, and a long spadix that rises
>and sort of wiggles in the air.  This one has reproduced, and there are
>now five, in a very straight line, and I now observe that a perpendicula=r
>"line" of offspring is beginning.  There are 15 - 16 leaflets on this
>one.  I have taken slides, but they aren't developed yet. This plant
>emerges after ringens and sikkokianum, but about the fifth of May here.

>The second came from Chen Yi, and I just observed a like one in a garden
>where the owner also purchased from "China" several years ago.  She has
>retained a number for the plant, and hers is white, but otherwise, these
>plants are identical, even to having only one leaf after several years.
>These have just emerged within the past six days in southeastern Penna.,
>the inflorescence on the stem, but instead of the "jack" being tucked
>beneath the leaf, in this case, the "jack" is straight up, and the leaf
>is at an angle to the stem, roughly "2 pm".  The leaf has three parts,
>and is bright green and almost shiny like ringens, but not really, and n=o
>prominent veins as one observes on ringens, rounded at the tips, rather
>than pointed.  The spathe is striped, "open", and gently curving, almost
>like a hook; mine is green (sort of pink at the base), while hers is
>bright white.  Interestingly, the spadix is very , very narrow, dark red=,
>and curved like a short hook, only about 1 1/2 - 2 inches long.
>Just to help with the timing of emergence, candidissimum is just opening
>(one is not up yet...), and my new fargesii is just beginning to unfurl.

>Nancy Greenwood

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