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Aaron.  A lot of iris people  ("expert growers); have killed of most of t=he
foreign species they've imported over the last 30 years by giving them so=il
that's too rich, with too much humus, not enough gravel, sand, clay or
drainage.  in "nice" level beds that are good for snoring, but not for
growing plants.    I tell everyone, if you're going to try to grow the
oncocyclus or regelia species, slant the beds, use coarse sand, a bit of
clay maybe , and use only water-soluble fertilizers.  In their native soi=ls
(which are poor) the humus content is always less than 3% when it,s been
checked. in both Dutch , English and Russian.   Doesn't matter if it was =by
volume or dry weight.  It's very, very little compared to most garden soi=ls
amended with lots of leaf mold, mushroom compost, etc.    Drainage should=be
at least as "sharp" for lily species.    Adam Fikso, in Glenview, IL USDA
Zone 5a

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> I  bought a sikokianum from a Heronswood in '98 and
> planted it in clay that turned to rock by mid summer.
> The next year it came up and bloomed. The year after
> that 2 separate stems came up, the original blooming.
> The offset with silver centered leaves and the
> original plain green( this has also happened with
> consanguineum. Is that common?). I decided to move
> them into "better" soil with more organic material and
> they came up earlier and were frozen off for 2 years.
> Both of them are now dead. It seems the clay kept the
> moisture away until a week or 2 later than the loamy
> soil and they sprouted later or grew slower in the
> clay.
> Aaron
>  Stilwell KS
>  zone 5 with lots of freezing and thawing in late winter
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