A. consanguineum query

Paul Tyerman ptyerman at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Tue Jan 1 09:46:43 CET 2002

Howdy Arisaema-Lers,

Hapy New Year and all that jazz.  Hope the Silly Season was a good one for
you all.

I have a question regarding Arisaema consanguineum.  I was given a "Green
Form" by a friend and it has come into flower today.  For some reason until
now I had never noticed the long trailers on each of the leaflets.  They
must be at least 4 inches long, trailing downwards from the "umbrella" of
the leaf.  Now the leaf is the radial pattern I associate with A.
consanguineum, but my others do not have these long trailers on the
leaflets.  I have not had any of my others flower so I cannot compare
flwoer form, but the spathe itself has a long trailer that hangs down in a
similar way to the leaflets, except around twice as long.

Now I have heard of these trailers I "think" in conversations before, but
it was some time ago.  Does it indicate a variance within A. consanguineum,
or is it actually a separate species that is not consanguineum?  The
trailers change the whole look of the plant, making it extremely delicate
and "fragile" looking.  I just can't believe I have never noticed them
until today <embarrassed grin>.  The leaf has been unfurled for a week or
more, but obviously I have only looked at the bud instead of the leaf
itself each time.  There are two plants, each displaying the same
characteristics and both flowering this year (one is already open, the
other will be a few days yet).

Probably most of you will be going "so what", but it is a real "find" to
me, and something I have not come across before, which is why I wanted to
ask.  I'm just trying to find out whether this IS A. consanguineum or not.

Thanks in anticipation.


Paul Tyerman
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