Greetings to y'all

George R. Stilwell, Jr. GRSJr at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Dec 23 01:56:29 CET 2002

Merry Christmas, Happy Channakah, and a happy New Year to all of you.

It's a fitting time to give thanks to the folks that give us Arisaema joy.

First and foremost, thanks to Craig Stubbs for the tremendous work that
produces one of the very best Seedexes.

Then we owe Eric Gouda for doing Arisaema-L; Roy Herold for the
wonderful Arisaema web site, Duncan McAlpine for keeping us up-to-date
on Chinese imports; Tony Avent, Ellen Hornig, Deborah Begley, Andy Wong,
and many others for making quality Arisaema plants available to us;
finally a special thanks to Guy and Liliane Gusman for making the very
first comprehensive book on Arisaema a reality (some of us are still waiting
thanks to the U.S. distributors procrastination).

I hope y'all have enjoyed participating in Arisaema-L and in AEG.
It's been fun seeing us grow in both numbers and knowledge.
As of today we have 239 members from 24 countries around the world.
We're still missing a member from Antarctica, but I'm told not to hold
out too much hope for this one.

Merry Christmas, it's been fun getting to know y'all,


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