A. franchetianum immature seeds

Mike Slater mslater at VOICENET.COM
Sun Dec 22 22:33:52 CET 2002

Jim Wrote:

> Also. some folks rely on whether
> the seed floats or sinks in a glass of water.

This is not reliable with Arisaema seeds, unless you are very careful.
Arisaema seed which I have cleaned (A. triphyllum, A. Heterophyllum and
A. sikokianum) have a very smooth, hydrophobic surface after the pulp
and the membrane against the seed are removed. This hydrophobic (water
repelling) property makes them stick to bubbles and float on the surface
of the water due to surface tension. If you gently stir the water and
knock the small bubbles off them they will sink. Also obvious bad seeds,
deformed, wrinkled and small often sink as well.

> I think that the size and roundness of the seed are pretty good indicators.
> Smallish, tapered seeds are less promising.

I heartily second this.

Mike Slater

Mike & Jan Slater, Mohnton (in South Eastern) Pennsylvania USA,
USDA Zone 6         DVC of NARGS

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