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I believe that not including Plant Delights as a source is probably a
universal policy decision of Fine Gardening, which does have its merits.
They want to avoid a conflict of interest, or even a perceived conflict o=f
interest. In other words, someone writing about a certain product should =not
also be providing that product for profit. That policy is very common in =the
publishing industry.

It irritated my wife and I no end, when the local newspaper would not eve=n
say that we were nursery owners when we wrote for them. They used somethi=ng
like, "The O'Byrne's have 25 years experience in landscaping." Well, at t=he
time, we weren't even doing landscaping any longer! But they were very
sensitive to the perception that we were plugging our own stuff. I might =add
that we don't write for them any more.

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Too bad the editors of the magazine screwed Petra and Plant Delights by n=ot
including them in the sources for Arisaemas. We should flood them with
letters of protest.

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