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le 25/04/02 0:19, Diane Whitehead =E0 ua024 at VICTORIA.TC.CA a =E9crit==A0:

> Here I am, trying another key, and having some problems.  The chart tha=t
> Guy developed is elegant.  The third characteristic, whether the centra=l
> leaflet turns up or down as it unfolds, has me puzzled, though.  I was
> looking at young leaves of A. taiwanense. I can't see a central leaflet=,
> as they all seem equal, round in a circle. As they emerge, mine all poi=nt
> down, rather like the spokes of a folded umbrella.  The leaflets are al=l
> folded lengthwise, and as they open, the inner surface becomes the uppe=r
> surface.  Is this what he means?

Yes. In A. taiwanense all leaflets - as you pointed out - are turned down.
On the contrary, in A. consanguineum, one of them is upright when unfoldi=ng=
and, when the leaf has fully unfolded, you see that this one occupies a
central position; all others being in position that looks like a mirror
symmetry with respect to the central one.
Guy Gusman
> I have found a diagram of Arisaema parts in Pradhan's book, Himalayan
> Cobra Lilies.  This is very helpful for the terminology.  I will sketch
> that page before I return the book to the library.
> Diane Whitehead  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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