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In a message dated 4/24/02 11:09:26 AM, abbl at ONLINE.NO writes:

<<         ->Jim .. did you not see that it in fact was Ray was asking fo=r
this not
to see who was thnakful, but how mailing was going - and I was one of tho=se
following it up - if he had not been asking in list I would not sent a ma=il
like that to list.

I wonder if I am the only one starting to feel like a fool not belonging =to
the list/AEG group, because as a newbie it seems to be impossible to
'behave' like the 'elite-members' wants it us/me to be?

What is wrong by saying a thank you as long we are asked to tell when we
got the seeds?
It takes only few extra words .. being polite and friendly should not har=m

Don't know if it is right to say I am sorry or not for answering ...

Arnhild in Norway


I didn't mean to direct my criticism to you, so please do not take it
personally. I agree that thanking Keith and Craig for the seeds and for t=he
work that they do was entirely appropriate.

However, the simple fact is that every message that gets posted on Arisae=ma-L
ends up in the mailbox of every subscriber.

I never saw Ray's request that "thank-yous" be posted to the list, possib=ly
because I was deleting anything that even mentioned "seeds" without readi=ng

If Ray wished to get a copy of all of the "thank-you" emails, he could ha=ve
asked that messages to Keith  to be copied to him, not posted to the list=,
but nobody's perfect!  Even me!


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