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AEG members:

While I'm on the subject of hitting the delete button, you people are
amazing. It takes literally hundreds of hours by volunteers to do the
AEG Seedex and all I hear is complaints when a mistake is made.
Keep it up and there'll be no more seedexes.

Besides, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize you should respond
to a request about Seedex preferences to the Seedex people not to
Arisaema-L. The address is in the original request

>From:  Keith La Rocque <channa21 at HOTMAIL.COM>

Yet only one member was bright enough to reply that way.

So who is to blame for stuffed mailboxes? Those who unthinkingly
responded to the list of course.

Who is ranting and raving against these respondents? No one.

It's easier to destroy the volunteers who make the Seedex possible.
Makes me want to leave AEG and Arisaema-L too.

I believe those who have complained owe Keith an apology.

Those who responded to Arisaema-L need 30 lashes for stupidity.


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