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Subject: Proposed Seed Distribution Restrictions
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For those of you not on Aroid-L, here is some worrysome proposed
legislation. Those on Aroid-L, please forgive the additional push
of the delete button that will be required.

J.L. Hudson published an article in the April issue of Espinas y
Flores (the SDCSS Newsletter) indicating that the USDA is proposing
required permits and inspections of all seeds and plants being
transported across state lines (in the US). Hudson has a website with
some opinion at:

The proposal can be accessed at:

Per Hudson the permits will cost a minimum of $100 and violation would
carry a penalty from $1000 to $250,000.

I need to read the Proposed Action carefully but I suspect this is
going to severely restrict our ability to exchange seed if it is
implemented. Comments may be sent to Alan.V.Tasker at .


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