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I'm intrigued by your experiment.  If I had access to -70 C I'd be tempte=d
to try it.  Since I don't, I'll try my usual dry storage (in air) method =on
any Arisaema pollen that comes my way.  Please keep us informed of your
results and progress.

I'm still fascinated by the ability of aroid pollen to resist osmotic
rupture in plain water.  Stability in 30% glucose or in 50% glycerol is n=ot
surprising.  You would not even need to do a preliminary drying on pollen
before dropping it into such media.  I may try the 30% glucose method on
some Clivia pollen (the Clivia are blooming in the greenhouse now).  It
will be a little messier than dry storage.  I didn't refer to my 1.5-mL
microcentrifuge tubes as eppendorfs because I didn't realize anyone would
know what I was talking about!  I love the attached snap tops.

Still no sign of any outdoor Arisaemas coming up.

Jim Shields,
retired biochemist is warm, sunny, beautiful, springtime central Indiana,=USA!

At 06:20 PM 4/11/02 -0400, you wrote:
>I've rinsed out male Arisaema saxatile inflorescences out with a plastic
>dropper full of 1 ml of a 30% sucrose solution. This went into 1.5 ml
>snap-top eppendorf (microcentrifuge) tubes and into a  -70 degree Celciu=s
>freezer January '01. Looking at a thawed portion under a microscope last
>week, the pollen grains appeared intact. Too early to tell if an alba
>triphyllum having received it is fertile.
>Look up mine and Petra's discussion in the archives.

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