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I've rinsed out male Arisaema saxatile inflorescences out with a plastic
dropper full of 1 ml of a 30% sucrose solution. This went into 1.5 ml
snap-top eppendorf (microcentrifuge) tubes and into a  -70 degree Celcius
freezer January '01. Looking at a thawed portion under a microscope last
week, the pollen grains appeared intact. Too early to tell if an alba
triphyllum having received it is fertile.
Look up mine and Petra's discussion in the archives.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Hi all,

Has anyone on this list tried to store pollen of Arisaema for later use? =I
plan to experiment with that this spring, whenever my plants bloom.  The
usual ways of storing pollen involve drying it at room temperature for
several hours -- usually 8 to 36 hrs., depending.  Then it is placed in a=n
air-tight, moisture proof container and stored in a freezer (well below 0
deg C/32 deg F).  For various monocots I've tried this with, the pollen
remains viable and useful for anywhere from 6 months or a year, on up to =2
to 5 years.  However, I have never tried this on an aroid.

Is there any experience that this does NOT work for Arisaema pollen?

The water slurry method of pollinating Arisaema is amazing to me.  All th=e
other monocot pollens I've ever worked with are burst by the osmotic
pressure if they just contact plain water.  Is there something different
about the integument of aroid pollen?

Jim Shields
in central Indiana, USA

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