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That is pretty shallow, Arnhild.  I generally use 7.62 cm (3.5 inch)
square pots for seed starting.  In your case, think you might want to
try turning out the whole seed pot into a larger, deeper pot -
carefully so as not to disturb the infant root systems.

I have done this with Cyclamen seedlings that I did not separate in a
timely fashion and it seemed to work fine.  Have also done it with
other non-tuberous seedlings I was dilatory about pricking out.

Just select a larger pot and fill it to about 5 cm  from the top with
mix and turn out your seedlings and set their entire mass on top;
fill in around the edges and water them in.  Should be OK.

Marge Talt, zone 7 Maryland
mtalt at
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> From: Arnhild Bleie <abbl at ONLINE.NO>
> I am afraid I did not sow them in deep enough soil? About 5-6 cm it
is now.
> If it should have been deeper there might be a possibility for me
to try to
> fill more in the bottom without mucking with the seedlings?
> yes or no to doing this .. at least after a while?
> Arnhild

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