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In my experience, Arisaema babies need to stay in their seed pot - no
matter how crowded - until they go doormat for the first time, which
as Paul says can be up to six months or so after they sprout.

Once dormant, I dump the pots out on a bench and *carefully* sort
through the mix to retrieve the baby tubers - some of which can be as
tiny as the seed; some will be larger and some pots will be mixed.

Normally, I then repot to say 5 per pot and let them grow another
season before I pot them individually...depends on how large the
tuber is.  If it's good size, it gets its own pot.

But, don't muck with them until they go dormant in their own time.

If your seed compost does not have any added fertilizer and is peat
based, then you may have to feed the babies.  You can tell; their
leaves get yellowish if they are hungry.  Use a dilute liquid feed DO
NOT use time release pellets like Osmacote; they can be deadly to

Marge Talt, zone 7 Maryland
mtalt at
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> From: Arnhild Bleie <abbl at ONLINE.NO>
> At 07:58 PM 31.3.02 +1000, Paul Tyerman wrote:
> >Is that a help?  I'm just trying to outline what I do so that you
know that
> >you don't HAVE to use the Deno method for germinating.  I hope
this is of
> >some use to you (and anyone else who is reading)
> Hi Paul .. thank you!
> - of course it helps me since I am a newbie to this plant in
general. At
> least it will be a helpt for next time I sow - I am emptied for
seeds now.
> The seedlings I was so excitied about already ARE sown and
germinating ...
> not after DENO metode and not lik you did ...
> I have 9 seedlings comming up in the same pot .. and I doubt they
can stay
> in there for so very long?  And since I probably need to transplant
them I
> was think now, or soon, might be better than later?
> .. please don't apologize about mispelling and wrong language Paul
. what
> should *I* say then .. English is not my native language at all and
> sometimes I do say the things very wrong .. but hope you forgive
> understand?
> Arnhild - Hardanger in Norway - USDA zone 7-8

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