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You found the key media word, Granigrit. It is a trade name for Chicken
Grit - Starter Grade.
Grani - because it's ground granite. If anyone grows chickens in
Australia, there will be a supplier
of Chicken Grit - Starter Grade.

The main thing about the media is to keep it "just moist". I think
Craig's description is the best
I've seen. "Cool to the touch, not wet".

Mike Besold's post answers your question about others in Australia
forcing seedlings.
He shows you the essentials, moist but not wet in a baggy. There was a
lot of debate on
the length of time at 40F. Actually one month will usually work, but 2
months is better,
3 months is ok as long as you check to see if they're sprouting - they'll
do it even though it's
cold. Once they sprout, you get etiolation due to the lack of light.

A mist bench is not necessary as long as you keep the growing tubers
moist. I use a wicking
pad and planting sleeves so they're wet from the bottom and I don't have
to worry about watering
(except once a month to fill the reservoir), but any method will work.

The archives also discuss fertilizing. Particularly the avoidance of
Osmocote which is a real Arisaema killer.

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