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Just a quick note on what I have done and my success.  I have germinated A.
triphyllum in a basic soilless mix under a mist bench, grown them on until
dormancy and then stored them in moist (NOT WET) New Zeeland moss in a
cooler.  Temp. between 36 and 45 degrees F.  I have stored them in this
artificial winter for about 3 months the re-planted them in fresh soilless
mix and started them again under the mist bench and repeat.  My first batch
will go in the ground in this upcoming spring and they will be as old as
three year olds, therefore they are bigger and better than fresh youngins'.
I also remove them from the mist bench once almost all have germinated and
grow thme on in a greenhouse, I use a light fertilizer on them due to
chlorosis.  That's about it very basic and it works well for me. Oh yeah,
the moss I use I prep in the following way, grab a handful of pieces, not
bricks, and put 'em in a Ziploc baggie, add water and let soak in.  I them
invert and squeeze until no more water comes out, what I am left with is a
moist home for the tubers, if it's too wet they will definitely rot.  I
throw them all in the baggie, close it up and throw them in the cooler and
wait three months to four months.  Good Luck!

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>There are some proper procedures and the media is also critical when
>doing this. All are
>fully discussed in the Arisaema-L archives


I have checked the archives on "Forcing" and "Refridgeration" and "Media"
which give various references and comments about media etc, and mention of
something called Granigrit.

Given you have said that media is critical, I'm assuming there have been
more extensive discussions than what I found.  What would be your
suggestions on what other key words I'd search on?

Have others in Australia forced seedlings?  Is there a suggested product to
use as media for them in the fridge (Granigrit which was mentioned is
probably not something that is available under that name here in Australia)

I was going to ask if there was a document up until I noticed a comment in
an August message asking Craig for just such a document.

Thanks for any directions you can give me.


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