Bjorn Malkmus' spec. 001

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Mon Oct 1 07:32:54 CEST 2001

le 28/09/01 15:01, George R Stilwell, Jr. =E0 grsjr at JUNO.COM a =E9crit=A0:

> Guy,
> Thanks for the ID on this one.
> Is Arisaema roxburghii a tropical species that may not survive zone 7
> winters?
> I can't find a description of the plant either.
> How do A. roxburghii, kunstleri,  harmandii and pierreanum differ one
> from the other?
> Are some more hardy than others?
> Ray
> GRSJr at
This is a species, or a complex of species, widespread from S Thailand, to
Malaysia and S Vietnam. I do not believe they could be hardy in the open in
zone 7. In their native area, lowest temperature are around 15-20=B0C. Being
deciduous, some plants survived in frost free dryish conditions at ca. 7=B0C
during last winter (in a cold greenhouse) and flowered in summer. All of
them have very small tubers, 1-2 cm diam., are trifoliolate with a peculiar
shiny "metallic" blue-green colour of the leaflets; a small inflorescence
whose spathe-tube and spathe-limb are translucent and yellowish green; the
spadix appendage is as thin as a hair at the extremity. The only difference
is found in the development of auricles at the base of the limb.
Very weak difference indeed if any...

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