Seedex 2002

Peggy L Kinnetz pkinnetz at JUNO.COM
Mon Oct 1 03:45:37 CEST 2001


I'm still new to this process, and admit I'm a bit tardy in my question
which should have been asked some time ago, but I seem to remember that
there was a suggested charge or donation or something wasn't there?  I
really want to do my part, albeit very small at this point. Monetary
contributions are all that I can do at this time, being that I have no
seed to donate just yet. Please advise concerning how to, etc.. Thanks,

Peggy K.

On Sun, 30 Sep 2001 20:09:19 EDT "George R Stilwell, Jr."
<grsjr at JUNO.COM> writes:
> Folks,
> I finally contacted Craig and found he hasn't had a machine all
> year.
> That explains why
> he hasn't answered your E-mails. The server at his ISP must be
> loaded.
> He also has had serious family problems including a death which have
> prevented him
> from getting a new machine on line. Hopefully that should happen
> shortly.
> We discussed the Seedex and the problem posed by the new US
> regulation
> requiring a phyto for seeds. He has the process working smoothly
> because
> this had to
> be done for our New Zealand and Australian members.
> It is our plan to have Craig send the US members seeds, sorted,
> packaged
> and labeled, to me in
> one shipment covered by a phyto. In turn, I will place the packaged
> seeds
> in padded
> envelopes and mail them within the US. We don't see any problem with
> this
> plan.
> Craig has talked with the authorities in Canada to be sure it will
> work
> ok.
> So, send all your seeds to Craig as always. He's waiting for them.
> In case you lost the address, it is:
>     Craig Stubbs
>     15 Princess St.
>     P.O. #596
>     Brooklin,Ontario
>     Canada L0B 1C0
> I'm not sure yet what his E-mail address will be. I'll keep you
> posted.
> Ray
> GRSJr at
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