Iza & Carol Goroff goroff at IDCNET.COM
Sat Nov 17 02:40:52 CET 2001

The Fafard 2B I occasionally use contains sphagnum PEAT moss, i.e. the brown
substance that comes from underneath the top layer of a bog (as well as perlite
and some fertilizer). The top layer is green sphagnum moss which is alive. Peat
moss is not alive.

Iza Goroff
Whitewater Wisconsin zone 4b

"Mellard, David" wrote:

> >Could you please explain what this is.
> Fafard is a soilless media used by many professional nurseries for growing
> plants.  The primary component is milled sphagnum moss (from Canada
> probably), which is treated somehow to make it more airy. It also has
> perlite in it and some versions may have fertilizer added.

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