Mellard, David dam7 at CDC.GOV
Fri Nov 16 16:06:25 CET 2001

> I just need to know which specific mix.

You should find a product labeled Fafard3B.  It's a very expensive soil
amendment and you'll get the same results using sand and milled sphagnum
peat moss from Home Depot.  I suggest using Fafard3B only as a potting mix.
One thing I'm trying with the western trilliums is to pot them up in
Fafard3B and then plunge the pot into garden soil.  Will know in a year or
two if that works.

So I will now make a shameless offer <grin>.  If someone would like to trade
a few western trilliums for such an experiment, I can probably make you a
happy person <another grin>.


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