Comments on the new Arisaema-list of Chen Yi

Alan Galloway alan_galloway at BELLSOUTH.NET
Wed Nov 14 04:32:45 CET 2001

Subject: Comments on the new Arisaema-list of Chen Yi

> We all know that many of the names are not
> correct (see the various discussions in the past on this subject) so
> Hetterscheid and I thought it might be helpfull for you to give us our
> opinion on some of her names. I must emphasize however that the names we
> suggest are based on the plants WE received from her under these numbers
> that the identifications are our thoughts based on the data we have.

This is a great list in using to help get the correct names for her
Many thanks for sharing this with the list.

> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> A-83: = unknown species, we have not been able to identify this one and it
> might be a new species. It needs to be grown indoors because it is
> semi-tropical.

I have had 3 of these tubers planted in the garden which survived the
winter of 2000/2001 here in North Carolina, USDA zone 7.  So they
may be more cold hardy than one would expect.  Mine have not flowered
yet, but the leaves seem to resemble A. balansae, a species from Vietnam.


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