Comments on the new Arisaema-list of Chen Yi

Bonaventure Magrys magrysbo at SHU.EDU
Tue Nov 13 23:26:51 CET 2001

My A-21 turned out to be some weedy form of Pinellia (pedatisecta?),
definitely not tortuosum and not heterophyllum. Flowers looked like a small
heterophyllum, about 6" long with an elongated sinuous erect spadix,
somewhat interesting, but came from the plant base on stems only 6 inches
high, bloomed dozens of times (no joke) all summer and profusely seeded
itself about (this really is no joke) The original small tuber lookes like
it formed an agglomeration at the soil surface about 6 inches across. I
will have divisions to share.
Bonaventure Magrys

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