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>I'd favor #1 or #3. When it goes dormant, refrigerate it (either in or out of
>the pot, but almost dry) for about three months and then bring it into growth
>again. That should get it on the southern hemisphere timetable.
>Jim McClements


I'll ask this for Lyn as she lives in Canberra like myself, and I know the
plant in question....

It IS a Southern Hemisphere plant!.  It was bought potted a few weeks ago,
at a Nursery in Victoria (500km away in a similar climate to ours here in
Canberra).  She has no idea why it has decided to shoot now as it was grown
outside there and would have only gone dormant a while back (we assume).

It hasn't come from the Northern Hemisphere (neither Lyn nor I can afford
the horrendous quarantine costs bringing stuff into Canberra).  It is just
a confused Southern Hemisphere tuber.  It was somewhat of a surprise to her
when it started shooting now, just coming into Winter.

Do your suggestions still hold true?


Paul Tyerman >>

Yes, I think that should still work. Actually, most arisaemas don't seem to
have any genetic sense of the seasons, which is why they are so easy to fool
by "artificial winters". Trilliums are much smarter!

The only other alternative would be to let the new growth freeze and hope
that the plant would recover, but it would probably be set back considerably
if it did.


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