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Sun May 13 03:53:12 CEST 2001

In a message dated 5/5/01 8:10:50 PM, ua024 at VICTORIA.TC.CA writes:

<< I've just been repotting seedlings from previous years, and am amazed at
the variety of leaf forms and colours.  Then I began to wonder if my
labels are right.

One pot labelled A. peninsulae AIK 150 Avent '98 has 4 plants.  Three have
plain light green leaves, and one has almost-white irregular patches along
the midrib.

A pot labelled A. limbatum v aequinoctiale Gusman Nov '96 has only one
plant, but it looks very similar to the white-marked plant in the first

A pot labelled A. peninsulae Silver Center AIK 149 Avent Feb '98 has one
plant also like the other two white-marked plants, but the leaf is a
darker green.

Should there be these similarities, or have I dropped a seed in the wrong
pot, switched a label etc?

A  pot of A. ringens has each plant looking identical, I'm happy to see.
Each leaf is a dark shiny plasticky green.  Trifoliate.  Is this right?

I scrutinize the pictures on the various websites, but it's hard to tell
what the leaves are really like for many of the species.



The leaves of the first three species are very similar, and the variegation
varies considerably. And the ringens is as you describe it.


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