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<< Hi all, these are my results from seed from Jim and Jenny.  Seed was

received on 7 May, soaked and stored at 18C on damp paper (Deno method).

Once any of a species germinated, all of that species went into potting mix

over mild heat and with14/24 hrs light.

candidissimum 6 seed received, 3 germinated

ciliatum var. liubaense 10 received, 5 germinated

dilatatum 6 received, all but 2 fungussed after 2weeks, no germination yet

griffithii var. pradhanii 20 received, all but one fungussed, 1 still OK but

not germinated

propinquum 8 received, all fungussed

rhombiforme 5 received, 4 germinated

tortuosum 12 received, 9 germinated>>>>

I've had no luck with their arisaema seeds, having tried griffithii (X2),
propinquum, and erubescens (X2). I think these seeds were not viable. (I
believe that when arisaema seeds fungus, it almost always is that the seeds
are no good).

I don't know how this happens. It seems more common with the Himalayan
species. One suggestion that I've heard is that the seeds could have been
exposed to excess heat at some point. I've left Arisaema  sikokiaum seeds
lying dry in a drawer for over a year and still got good germination, so I've
always assumed that arisaemas aren't adversely affected by time or drying.
Maybe that's not true for these few species.

Jim McClements

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