Dragon Agro Products

mark msnakeg at NETZERO.NET
Thu Jun 28 23:00:42 CEST 2001

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone has dealt with a company named Dragon Agro
Products.  They specialize in carnivorous plants but offer some Arisaema's
too.  I haven't heard them mentioned before and was wondering if anyone
knows anything about them.

The seed I got from AEG are doing great.  I have had no problems at all.  I
followed the instructions of Ellen Hornig and have had great success.  I
also bought some seeds from Bjorn at www.rareplants.de.  He offers a good
selection of seed both arisaema and other fun stuff.  Those seeds are dong
great too.  I plan on buying more from Bjorn this fall.  Thanks for letting
me know about him Ray.

Mark Gustafson
Portland, OR
USDA zone 7

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