Variegated leaf on Arisaema triphyllum

Paul Tyerman ptyerman at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Mon Jun 18 15:15:52 CEST 2001

Howdy Ray,

>Roy Herold is the expert on A. triphyllum forms and grows many of them.
>You might
>want to see what he has to say.

I don't know Roy (well not that I know of anyway)

>Another question is whether it's a virus rather than genetic. Does it
>reproduce true?

That was my first question to him.  A good percentage of the seeds throws
true.  That was what I meant in the original email when I talked about it
being at least partially stable.  He said that he has scattered the seed
around and got numerous variegated seedlings appear, so it would appear
that it wasn't a virus as I am fairly sure that viruses are not generally
transmitted via seed.

Certainly sounds interesting doesn't it!!?

Thanks for the response.


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