Another Seedling difference

ann Hawes sunlily at EMAIL.MSN.COM
Wed Jun 13 22:38:08 CEST 2001

An inflorescence of a Chen-yi "erubescens variety"  produced two sizes of
seed, a few "normal" sized and a lot of very small seeds which I thought
might be chaff.  Large cotyledons (2.5cm) were produced from the large seed.
Small seed(all germinated!) produced cotyledons about 1/4 the size of the
large ones.  Some of the large also produced a true leaf before going
dormant.  The resulting bulbs on inspection are the following sizes:  Bulbs
from small seed range from 2mm to about 7mm and the bulbs from the large
seed range from about 9mm to 1.3cm.

Any thought about why this occurred?

There is always the remote possibility of polination with a very different
Arisaema but this and another were isolated.

Is it possible for certain arisaemas to develop seeds without fertilization?

Ann Hawes
Redmond, WA

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