Dracunculus vurgaris

msnakeg msnakeg at NETZERO.NET
Sun Jun 10 20:35:44 CEST 2001

My neighbor has dracunculus.  His have spread quite nicely, so the 7 or 8
flowers keep the stench lingering throughout the yard for about a week or
so.  The birds seem to spread the seed.  I finally got a couple plants from
him and am starting my own.  I'll collect seed heads from him this fall.  I
even picked a bouquet of the flowers for my wife who wants to know why
anyone woulkd want such an awful smelling plant.  She says they will kept in
containers and moved to the back corner of the yard when in flower.

The arisaema seeds I received are germinating quite nicely too.  The flavum
germinated very quickly.  The arisaema in the yard are doing great too!

Mark Gustafson
zone 7

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