Dracunculus vurgaris

GeneBush genebush at OTHERSIDE.COM
Sun Jun 10 13:49:12 CEST 2001

Hello Nancy,
One at a time in the garden is sufficient, thank you. I do have a nice stand
of Sauromatums that came into bloom earlier in the season to match your two
dracunculus. I am not so sure that those do not stink even more. Perhaps it was
the numbers. Are these weird plants or what?
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From: Hal or Nancy Robinson <robyn at icx.net>
Subject: Dracunculus vurgaris

> Hey, how would you like two blooms of the Dracunculus vurgaris at the
> same time.  But this time I did not notice any odor but have seeds
> forming.  Could be because we have had so much rain that I did not stay
> out with the plants that much. to even smell them.
> Nancy Robinson  east Tennessee zone 6b

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