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Together with Jin Murata and Libing Zhang, I have begun work on a molecul=ar
phylogeny of Arisaema.  We will sequence several DNA regions in the nucle=us
and chloroplast of as many species as possible to try and answer the
following questions:

(1) When did the ancestor or ancestors? of the American arisaemas come
across Beringia?

(2) How often did Arisaema reach Arabia/Africa?  (The current sectional
classification implies that the answer is three times, but who knows?)

(3) What are the relationships among Pinellia, Arisaema flavum (treated a=s
a separate genus, Dochafa, by Schott because it is consistently
monoecious), Arisaema tortuosum, and other phylogenetically basal
("primitive") species of Arisaema?

(4) How did major traits evolve, for example, leaf shape, spadix
appendices, sex change strategies, hardiness, deciduousness, and chromoso=me

DNA is isolated from a small (c. 4 x 4 cm) piece of fresh leaf that has
been dried in silica.  Reliable documentation and identification of any
plant to be included in the phylogeny are critical.

I'd be happy to answer questions about the molecular phylogeny and its
implications as the project develops.

Susanne Renner
The Missouri Botanical Garden
P.O. Box 266
St. Louis, MO 63166
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Dept. of Biology
Univ. of Missouri - St. Louis
8001 Natural Bridge Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63121

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