Arisaema flavum multiplying like crazy....

Paul Tyerman tyerman at DYNAMITE.COM.AU
Sat Jan 20 15:28:26 CET 2001

Interesting observation.........

I wonder if in a pot it's roots are restricted and therefore it feels
threatened, so it offsets to try to make sure that some part of it survives
to grow again.  If it has a full root run it doesn't feel that need?

How does this phenomenon affect flowering though?  Do they flower better
from the one if it doesn't offset?  Does the one in the ground get bigger
instead of offsetting?

Sorry about all the questions..... but they're a great way to learn <grin>.

Cheers (and Thanks)

Paul Tyerman

At 08:25  20/01/01 EST, you wrote:
>If you want your Arisaema to make offsets too, just confine them in a
>Left in the open they'll make a few , but in a pot, they often make many
>We don't exactly know the why of this counterintuitive behavior.
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