AEG SEEDX 2001 Incoming

Claude Sweet sweetent at HOME.COM
Fri Jan 19 21:03:20 CET 2001

PayPal has established international accounts and I believe there is no
cost to an individual to establish an account. I use PayPal on eBay I
have found it to be a reliable way to send credit card payments to
another registered PayPal user.

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

"McAlpine, Duncan G" wrote:
> Hey Ray, have you ever thought of creating a PAYPAL account via the Internet...
> That way... we can just send you  a Credit Card Payment.   It's done all the time
> for those Ebay users... who are selling.  The best way to go.. and get payment quickly.
> Its easy....  I also believe they are going international now.
> Duncan

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