seed ripening

John Gwynne jgwynne at WCS.ORG
Thu Jan 18 22:20:49 CET 2001

Hello Simon. With similar impatience for ringens in Nov, I've cut off the
entire seed head intact and stuck it on a coolish windowsill indoors to have
it ripen fine..but not sure if it was much faster than cold outside .  If you
have any extra seed of your 3 species, esp kel-insularis, I'd love some. Sent
most of mine to AEG seedex already, but probably have a little left.Might you
be interested in ringens from korea, not japan. Suspect easier to grow in mild
climates. Thanks John Gwynne, 1255 Fifth Ave 4K, New York ,NY 10029-3851 usa
Hope you're well.. still have goodies from you years ago"

Simon Wills wrote:

> Hi to you all
> Has anyone got suggestions for speeding up the ripening of seed heads as my
> A. speciosum, costatum and kelung insularis seem to want to wait until
> January before turning red.   I am sure that in the wild they were all ripe
> when collected in November - is higher temperature the requirement?
> Simon Wills

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