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John Gwynne jgwynne at WCS.ORG
Thu Jan 18 22:01:23 CET 2001

Paul There is a hybrid tripartita x pedatisecta in USA sometimes seen (called
Polly Spout ), but I don't recall it setting seed, also two or more Chinese
species which appear v rare in cult, if almost at all. If you get any, many of
us would enjoy trying. thanks John Gwynne

Paul Tyerman wrote:

> Howdy All,
> I'm sending this to both the Arisaema and Aroid lists......
> I'm after seed (or tubers from within Australia) of Pinellias.  I've
> somewhat fallen in love with the dear little things.
> I currently have P. tripartita, P. pedatissecta, P. cordata and P. ternata
> and I am trying to find sources for other species.  I have heard mention of
> others, so I am assuming that there ARE other species.
> If anyone can help I'd be happy to purchase or try to swap.
> Thanks in anticipation.
> Cheers.
> Paul Tyerman
> Canberra, Australia.  USDA equivalent - Zone 8
> mailto:tyerman at

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