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Wed Aug 15 19:45:06 CEST 2001

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Subject: dormant corms

Hi all,
Some of my earlier  and smaller Arisaema have already gone dormant.  I am
ready to put them in the refrigerator.  I  already lost one to rot (I kno=w,
stop or reduce watering when they go dormant) and want to avoid loosing a=ny
more.  Should I do any thing with the corms besides bagging them up and
cooling them off, such as allowing them to dry a bit first or apply a
fungicide?  I
looked in the archives and couldn't find the information in the files I
looked at.  I probably missed the file that has that info.  I was also
wondering, when compressing the season, what temp. should the plants be k=ept
at when brought out?  I am going to try and compress a couple this year a=nd
see how it goes.  I have the facilities, but don't know the ideal temp.  =Is
a nightime cooldown a good idea, like they receive outside or does that

Mark Gustafson
Portland, OR
USDA zone 7

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