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Hello Jim,
A few miles south of you and A. tryphyllum seedlings in the garden ar=e popping
up in the warmer spots. The mature ones are just beginning to get their n=oses up
above the leaf litter.
A. ringens is behaving a bit odd this spring... just now has one nose=out of
three stands up above the leaves. Usually it is one of the first and has =to be
covered and protected a couple of times each spring. Believe my A. sikoki=anum  has
finally given up the ghost. It has always come up far too early for here =and gets
killed back most years in spite of my trying to protect it.
A. takadae is still in sheath, but about 4 to 5 inches in height. A. =yamatense
var sugimotoi has been killed back once and now has a short bloom  and ne=w foliage
up. A. monophyllum is about 5 inches tall as is about four more I can not=find the
tags for now.
I have quite a bit of seedlings and mature plants in pots on the prot=ected
side of the garage and most have their noses just breaking the surface. J=ust as
well, as we are forecast to have freezing temps Tuesday and Wednesday nig=hts.
Looks as though I will have to drag out the boxes for covering my Arisaem=a or
there will be no seeds again this year.
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Subject: Some plants coming up

> Hi all,
> Out in the woodland garden, mature Arisaema triphyllum are up on the we=st
> side but smaller plants of triphyllum on the north side have not made a=ny
> appearance yet.
> On the south side, a couple of small A. amurense are up, but several mo=re
> that were planted with them are not there, so far.
> AA. sikokianum and sazensoo are up, and the spears are fat and heathy
> looking.  On the other hand, AA. ringens and thunbergii are not showing=any
> visible signs of life yet.
> So it goes with my young collection of arisaema.
> Jim

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