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>If they did, it wasn't enough to make an impression on me. I'll watch fo=r
>that as mine come up this year, although I doubt that I still have the p=lant
>that the seed came from. They are short-lived here, presumably because t=hey
>rot. My largest ones have yet to appear this year, and they're usually p=retty

Hey Jim,
So I'm on a hill. The A. sikokianum's don't rot for me. I did build my be=ds
according to your directions, well, more or less that is, did use turface
and grani-grit and sand but used compost and Lowe's soil conditioner
instead of peat. Used about 35 wheelbarrow loads of compost to one bed.
Talk about where they buried the elephant. So far, everything, including
the sikokianum is happy. Love to you both.... Nancy

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