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Tue Sep 12 21:00:28 CEST 2000

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Hello all,

I am David Guillet, a new member. I have been gardening in McLean, =Virginia in zone 7.  I sarted with a few arisaema about three years back =and they are now all blooming:  A.candidissimum, A. heterophyllum, A. =maximowiczii and A. sikokianum.

I really enjoyed growing them and the comments from visitors and so this =last seedex go-around I got seeds of A. amurense, A. consanguiheum, A. =flavum, A. hetrophyllum, A. jaquemontii, A. japonicum, A. tortuosum, and =A. wallichianum.  All came up and I am doing the accelerated, =refrigerator, treatment to get a head start. I will put these in a =garden I am starting from scratch on the slopes of the Shenandoah Valley =in Zone 6.  This is a woodland clearing with a soil mix worked in among =rocks with a western exposure.  I look forward to being a part of =Arisaema-L
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