1999 AEG Seedx Report;Incoming

John Gwynne jgwynne at WCS.ORG
Fri Jan 14 20:06:13 CET 2000

Craig Stubbs wrote:

> At 06:17 PM 11/26/99 +0100, you wrote:
> >>                At this time I am most interested in soliciting as many
> >>donations as possible. Brian Cook and I are working on several logistic
> >>changes to further improve the AEG SEEDX
> >
> >Dear Craig,
> >
> >Does this include origin information on the seeds distributed. If so, the
> >donors have to include the information with the seeds or send the info by
> >email to you.
> >
> >Eric
> >
> >       SEED DONORS
>                 As Eric suggests, any and all info on the seeds you donate
> should be included. Many of us are donating seed from species purchased from
> nurseries, received from friends, or acquired through the AEG. But for those
> lucky enough to have wild collected species seed information such as A.
> consanguinium, Bhutan, Oct 98,3000m. will refine the AEG seed distribution
> process, and help Arisaemaphiles in the coming years identify those species
> varieties they most desire.
>         "BURY ME IN SEED"  Craig
> "Always allow for the changes time will bring"

Craig - Iwill try to get you a batch of seed.  Have had some starting to rot,
so not certain what I have for you that's decent.  Many thanks again for all
your diligence!  Appreciatively' John Gwynne.

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