Bobbie Diebold Bbdiebold at CS.COM
Fri Jan 14 19:37:30 CET 2000

My experience with arisaemas that form offsets:
Arisaema ringens, when mature, forms a number of rather nice size tubers;
A. thunbergii urashima forms quite a few--this is good since it isn't too
fast from seed;
A. triphyllum quinatum--this is a form that I collected almost 30 years ago
from my property I owned several decades ago in the mountians of north
A. taiwanensis and A. candidissimum from Ellen Hornig (I have a number of
these from other sources and am waiting for them to settle down to see if
they also produce offsets).
A. ternatipartitum--according the Barry Yinger it sends out short rhizomes
that make new tubers on the ends.  I grow this but have only had tubers for 2
years so can't report from immediate experience.

I probably have others that do, however I have noted that it takes several
years for the plants to mature, then settle in my garden before they start to
produce offsets.  I hope that some of the chinese arisaemas from Kaichen will
eventually show this habit.

I will keep my eyes open this spring and summer and will note and report
additional arisaemas with this habit.  Pinellias seem to produce quite a few

Bobbie Lively-Diebold

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