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In a message dated 1/13/00 8:57:19 PM, magrysbo at SHU.EDU writes:

>Just want to let you know I have a pot of 3 Arisaema tortuosum tubers in
>sitting dry on the floor beneath my desk since August and a consanguinneum
>in a paper bag in the kitchen cupboard along with the Sauromatums and
>Amorphophallus. I've had terrible luck rotting tortuosums in the fridge
>or if
>left in the ground outside so I tried this experiment.

I think that Ellen Hornig has mentioned on occasion that she leaves many
arisaema tubers out on the greenhouse bench during the winter. However, I
assume that it is a cold but frostfree spot, and I would think that your
tubers would do better in refrigeration or some other cool area, rather that
being kept at room temperature during dormancy. They would then be ready to
resume growth in about 3 months. I refrigerate young tubers in almost dry
turface and seldom have a problem with rotting, but have little experience
with A. tortuosums, which may be more prone to rotting problems.

Jim McClements

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