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It is with great sadness that I have to tell the list of the death of =Bob 
Potterton of Nettleton (Great Britain).
After a short illness he passed away this morning when he was surrounded =
by his whole family.
He suffered severely from Astma which is than particular dangerous when 
Influenza virus also attacked him. So too this winter -a ten days ago- 
when his health got very poor. He was taken to hospital but a couple 
of days back -when nothing more could be done for him- he was taken home =
again for the last final days.

Some 30 years ago he started his nursery in Grimsby together with his 
partner Alan Martin.
He worked at nights on the docks and overday in his nursery but soon it 
was a fulltime job and so he left the docks. In due time he moved to 
Nettleton where he transformed the grounds into one of the richest 
collection of plants.
His enterprise was well-known over the whole world because of this large =
selection but he was one of the few willing to send plants abroad.
His nursery will go on in the capable hands of his son Robert and Jackie =
his wife.

Bob was ca. 70 years of age and will be cremated Tuesday, 25th.
He will be greatly missed by his wife Jean and family but also to all 
who became to know him. 

Herman van Beusekom
Zone 7a

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