craig stubbs craigs at ICAN.NET
Wed Jan 12 16:27:13 CET 2000

Fellow AEGers
First of all, thanks to all of you who have sent in seed for this
years AEG SEEDX. Until yesterday, when I went into town to pick up my
mail, only about 25% of the seed donations that were offered last year
had been received. Happily four fat packages of seed arrived together
yesterday to make for a handsome species count. While quantity of seed
is down dramatically, this will just mean lower seed count per packet.
Secondly, apologies to many of you who have sent me personal e
mail messages since early December that  probably have gone unanswered.
Until last Sunday I have had serious computer problems,  with at best
intermittent email success. I am back on track now.
Having caught up on incoming e mail messages now I await the
arrival of three more seed donations.
I will answer the personal e mails over the next day or so.
If you still have seed to donate , don't be shy , send it along.


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