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DrR Hamilton robhamilton at TRUMP.NET.AU
Wed Jan 12 06:16:14 CET 2000

Hello all

I am a 48 year old General Medical Practitioner living just South of Hobart
the capital city of Tasmania - Australia's island state.

I first obtained tubers of A candidissimum, A consanguineum and A sikokianum
about 10 years ago. The latter deceased quickly but the former two thrived
and multiplied by division and seed respectively. I now have 4 very tall
consanguineum ladies, the tallest  about 1.5metres - all with secondary leaf
fans emerging near the inflorescence.

>From there my efforts to increase have come mainly from The AGS seed list
and I am now up to about 10 discrete species. Thanks to electronic
communication the future looks much brighter.

I grow a large range of other bulbous plants and am especially keen on
Erythronium, Fritillaria, Iris, Tigridia and Trillium. I also grow orchids
especially Masdevallia, Pleurothallis, Resptria and allied species, and
Maxillaria. I am a judge with the Australian Orchid Council.

I look forward to participating in Arisaema-L.

(Sorry about the last effort - Outlook Express added the Listserver address
to the contacts file instead of the distribution address!!)

Rob Hamilton

Dr R F Hamilton, 7 Beach Road, Snug 7054
Tasmania, Australia
Temperate Marine Climate (USDA 8/9)
Average Garden Rainfall 26.7 inches (range 21-36)
Temperature extremes -2 C  ,  38 C.

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