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Karl Kristensen Engkaebro at MAIL.TELE.DK
Mon Jan 10 21:09:49 CET 2000

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Hey member of AEG

I am a new member of the group and now Ill tell your a little bit about =my self and my garden.
I am soon 40 years old and I live in the West part of Denmark whit my =wife and two children.
My garden is on 2000 square meter. The garden is offend build up whit =peat/woodland beet and alpine beet.
One of the biggest interests are Primula particular the Asiatic ex. =Primula from the section Petiolares.
But also other plants have my interests ex. Arisaema what of have 20 =different types. One of the last I=B4ve got is Arisaema grifithii var. =pradhanii I hope it will be the right one.
>From seeds I have 34 different Arisaema on way.
I collect Arisaema but I also use them to give the garden are exotic =look.

I hope it will be early spring.

Karl Kristensen
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