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Hi all,

I have just noticed something I probably should have noticed ages ago.
It is late summer 'down here' and there is plenty of ant activity.
I have just collected all the plump, red fleshy seed heads from my
Arisaema flavum
ssp. abbreviatum and if I leave them in a saucer on the verandah the
ants come from miles for a picnic. Within two days I have a saucer of
perfectly clean seeds with not a trace of pulp left. Saves me having to
scrub and dry them !
I wonder if they like the flesh of all arisaema species seed heads.
Anybody else had this experience ?
The ants are an introduced Argentine species and I usually hate them
(especially when they discover the jam in the kitchen cupboard ! )

So Craig stand by for some 'ant-cleaned' seed for the seedex.


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